Discover why we do what we do

At Bossa, we have a shared mission to: “Forge the best co-op experiences friends will ever share together” and our values are our guiding principles and beliefs to get us there.

They define the way that we treat each other and are integrated into how we operate day to day. Our values are not just important for how we operate internally but also how we interact with our customers, partners and players.

Our Bossians have been involved in defining our values, as we want to ensure that we are all living them and hold each other accountable.

Bossa’s values are:


We think outside the box and challenge the norm. We ask ourselves if there is a better, different way to do something and allow space to explore those ideas.



Bossians have autonomy and are trusted by those around them. We have a space that allows opinions, thoughts, and feedback to be shared by everybody in a safe environment, and trusting each other is at the core of that.



Regardless of the role or team you are in, working together is the key to success. We are all working towards the same goal and value every opinion.